Property Owners: 

   Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to be you property manager.  Sunburst Real Estate Group strives to go above and beyond all your expectations.  We believe in building a strong business relationship with our customers through communication, reliability and efficiently.  Sunburst Real Estate Group prides itself in offering services that far exceed it's competition.  As a property owner, you can expect your property to be fully marketed until vacancy is filled, prospective tenants to be thoroughly screened through credit and criminal background checks, leases to be drawn by an expert legal team, properties to be inspected regularly, any issues addressed in a timely manner, and the integrity and value of the property to be a priority. Whether you hope to rent your property out as an annual rental or a vacation rental, we have the right leasing management services available for you.   

     Sunburst Real Estate Group and its agents are not just property managers; we are Realtors.  What that means for you is that Sunburst Real Estate Group is associated on the local, state and national levels with the Association of Realtors.  Not all rental companies or property managers have this membership.   We believe this association allows for a much broader network for marketing and reaching out globally to customers; it also ensures that our staff that works for you are competent, effective and are governed by the rules and regulations that come with being classified as a Realtor.  Property management is considered a specialized field in the Real Estate industry.  Sunburst Real Estate Group is proud to offer the experience and knowledge required for this specialty.    

      Technology and software is key!  Sunburst Real Estate Group focuses very heavily on being able to provide you with services using the most up to date software.  We are adamant about having outstanding communication ability.  As a property owner, you will have real-time access to all accounting, documents, transactions, conversations and notes associated with your property through your own log-in to our website.  Sunburst Real Estate Group offers direct deposit for your proceeds, offers epayments for any funds you may need to contribute for your property,  and offers web based communication tools and payment options for your tenants as well.  For those of you who don't find themselves in need of or interested in the use of all this technology, Sunburst is more than happy to provide you with statements and proceeds via hard copy.   Just know that while you may not be interested in utilizing all the extras, the staff will be utilizing it for you to ensure all options are still provided to you.  


   Sunburst Real Estate Group is proud of the properties it offers for rent.  We stick to a few golden rules in this business.  First and foremost, we don't offer anything for rent that we wouldn't live in ourselves.  As a tenant, you can and should expect to have a nicely maintained rental space, have peaceful enjoyment of the property and be able to rest easily knowing that there is a property manager handling the details.  We keep a very good relationship with the owners of the properties and expect to do the same with you. 

    For our current tenants:

 All information concerning your account is available to you through our tenant log-in portal.  You can sign up for e-mail reminders, view your balance, access your ledger and payment history, make maintenance requests, post comments and make rent payments online through our secured, password protected site.  If you have any questions concerning your portal, please contact the office.  

   For our potential tenants:

 If you are interested in one of our properties, please feel free to contact through our website.  We will require that you submit an application.  A $35.00 application fee applies for our annual tenant background check.  For those of you who will be only visiting with us for a short time, application fees do not apply however, all information is required and an application must be submitted for your vacation rental to be processed.