Dear Fellow Realtors,

Sunburst Real Estate Group believes in working with other Realtors who are outside of our company and welcome you to refer your customers who may be looking to list their property for rent or those customers who are in need of a property to rent.  We value the relationship you have built with your customer.  By referring your customer to us, you can be guaranteed they will be given the best service available.  Sunburst Real Estate Group believes it is important for you to be compensated as well for your referral.  If we are able to place a customer you have referred to us, you will be notified and kept in the loop at all times with their progression.  When the time comes that the customer is ready to buy or sell, we assure you that their interest will be returned to you directly.   In the spirit of building solid, ethical working relationships with our Realtor network, we give the promise that your customer remains your customer and we are there to be the secondary connection you may need to fulfill their needs. 

Please click on our "Contact Us" page and submit your and your customer's information.  Be sure to include all of your contact information so we know where to send a referral fee when appropriate.